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Behind the Music of LilyLouche


Hello, I'm Lily Louche and I love making music and sharing the love of music.  I play cocktail piano in restaurants, both my own originals and old favourites. And I also sing alone or with a backing band for art exhibitions and private parties. Another thing I love to do is helping people explore their musicality. And I say it’s never too late to start singing, learning an instrument or writing songs.

I started playing piano when I was 6 - it was an old upright that my mum rescued from the rubbish dump. My first piano teacher was my guide into another world. At the end of the lesson he would sit in his armchair, light his pipe, and ask me to play for him. It was magical.

I played classical piano into my teens and then continued to play for pleasure. Fast forward 20 years and I got back into music through a singing course for women. My friend had bought me a ukulele, so I started to play it and write songs on it. I took it travelling around Mexico and Asia, and soon ended up with a suitcase full of songs. 

Music has been a great way for me to connect with how I feel and to make friends. Often music is more powerful than words.

I still have a special love for pianos. If there’s a piano in the room I immediately gravitate towards it. I can’t resist trying it out. And whenever I’m playing piano for people I try to imagine my first piano teacher is there listening in the audience, smoking his pipe and taking it all in. 

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